Google Maps Bookmark

With iOS Apple decided to remove Google maps and replace it with their own solution. In my opinion the new maps is a lot better. But there is one thing that annoys me. Some apps which have not been updated will open maps links using "" which means they will open up in Safari not the maps app. To combat this I have created a little bookmark. When an app opens a map link in Safari, all you have to do it go to your bookmarks and tap it. It will then open the same link, with the attributes in the maps app.

If you are viewing this from your desktop, you can drag the link below to your bookmarks bar to be synced.

Open in Maps

Installing the Bookmark

To install the bookmark it is fairly simple.

1) Tap on the action button below.

2) Tap on The "Add Bookmark" button

3) Tap Save after changing the name and location
4) Tab on the bookmarks button.

5) Find the location of the bookmark and tap the edit button in the top left, then select your bookmark.

6) Delete everything to the left of the question mark. INCLUDING the question mark